Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: The Rebound Girl, by Tamara Morgan

Plastic surgeon Whitney Vidra has sworn off commitment since she found her ex cheating on her after she followed him halfway around the world to do medical missionary work. All about the quick flings, she's stumped when recently divorced Matt Fuller wants her, but only with the strings. Unable to hide her interest, she seeks out to become his rebound girl, only to discover her feelings run deeper than superficial. Can she go all-in again and risk her heart for what could be the right man this time around?

I loved the idea behind this story and the fact that the heroine was the alpha in this book. At times, Whitney could be too abrasive, and not just with the hero. The way she treated her friends, the town, and her internal thoughts towards her career could be off-putting at times. In saying that, I loved watching Matt soften her. Matt was lovable and addictive from the start. I also loved the setting, town, and secondary characters. The writing style was quick-witted and smooth. Plot and conflict were stable.  I look forward to future works. Recommended.

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