Saturday, April 19, 2014

Review: Afterburn/Aftershock, by Sylvia Day

Gianna's finally settling into her life and getting everything she wants. She's working under Lei Young, one of the sharpest business women in New York. Ever since her epic relationship disaster with Jax Rutledge, she learned to never mix business with pleasure, and to never bring politics into the bedroom. But two years later Jax returns and sabotages the deal she's been working on. Worse, it appears he's in cahoots with Lei's enemy. Yet the heat is still sizzling between them, and Gianna can't stay impassive. This time she's wiser and knows the rules of the game, but will the knowledge protect her heart?

AFTERBURN was a release in 2013, with AFTERSHOCK coming in 2014. This edition had both. I suggest this version. It's been awhile since I picked up a Day novel, and I don't know why it took me so long. She never disappoints. Sexy, snarky and edge of your seat wit, this book/s kept me reading half the night and rooting for both characters to resolve their differences. Not without a lack of conflict, this concluded perfectly and realistically. The setting and secondary characters added nicely to the story, especially Gianna's family and Lei. Highly recommended! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review: Inn at Last Chance, by Hope Ramsay

Jenny Carpenter has put her dream of marriage and children on hold to focus on another dream--turning the local Victorian haunted mansion into a B&B. But plans veer off course when the house's former owner shows up wanting it back. Bestselling horror writer Gabe Raintree is as tortured as his characters. He's on a deadline and needs home to finish writing his next book. But ghosts and pretty inn owners aren't the only distractions. Memories return and suddenly he doesn't know which ones are real.

I love this Last Chance series by Ramsay, but this one is my favorite to date. A few ghosts, a few memories, a few crazy townsfolk, a few secrets, and quite a few stolen glances of longing. The characters were dimensional and interesting, the setting ideal, and the plot well-developed. I had a hard time putting it down. Very highly recommended! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review: Cider Brook, by Carla Neggers

Samantha Bennett just wanted to get in and out of Knights Bridge undetected. But her goal of doing that, and unearthing a three-hundred year old mystery while trying to salvage her good name, is thwarted when she's caught in the cider mill as it goes up in flames. Of course she's also rescued by good-looking Justin Sloan in the process. Now she's finding herself invited to weddings, falling in love with the town, and the center of attention. Justin's the one who alerted her former mentor to her iffy past and got her fired two years ago. So why is there this crazy chemistry between them now? Why is her wanderlust gene suddenly wanting to stay?

Neggers never lets me down. Never. Though this book didn't have the edge of your seat twists I've come to expect, I was nonetheless enthralled by the story. The pirate angle tied together both with satisfaction and sweetness. The secondary characters and setting were outstanding. I also enjoyed the realistic approach between hero and heroine. By not jumping the gun and laying their souls bare, they got to know one another on a gut-deep level that made their journey fun. This is part of the Swift River Valley series, and not to be missed.

Review: Unleashing Mr. Darcy, by Teri Wilson

When a scandal ruins her teaching career in New York, Elizabeth Scott crosses the pond to England with her darling dog to accept a temporary position on the dog show circuit helping a family prepare for their tour. But her escape has a distraction in the form of one billionaire dog breeder Donovan Darcy. He's arrogant and sexy and disarming. Maybe Elizabeth will take home more than a blue ribbon when her trip is through.

It's hit or miss on these Pride and Prejudice based books. This one was a hit. In my opinion, Wilson took aspects of Austen without knocking it off, making for a cute, clever and cozy read. The setting was fabulous as was the array of secondary characters I fell in love with. My only contention was I felt the antics at the dog shows over the top and highly unlikely. Nonetheless, a must read! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review: The Wedding Favor, by Cara Connelly

Tyrell Brown is stuck at a destination wedding with the woman he despises most. Victoria Westin has been a thorn in his side for months, and now they're forced into this charade of pretending to be friendly to make sure the wedding goes smoothly. Except, darn it, she's growing on him. Vicky's had her share of hardships in life, but nothing compares to the feelings this sexy cowboy is instilling. And once they're back in the States, things heat up and get even more complicated. Could be they both had each other pegged wrong.

This is Connelly's debut book, and overall, I'm impressed. She has a smooth voice, apt to humor, and knows her conflict. The love/hate relationship between the hero and heroine was hot. The array of secondary characters didn't detract, but added to the story. The setting, bouncing from France to Texas to New York, was illustrated perfectly. My issue lay in the pacing. I could've done without the last half to quarter of this book. I understand why she separated them and allowed a "cooling off" period, but it only dragged the plot and made me lose interest. In saying that, I wouldn't hesitate to buy more of her books.