Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: Smoking Hot, by Karen Kelley

NOTE: The title of this book has changed from Where There's Heat to Smoking Hot.

Deputy Raine McCandless is busy keeping her dog-napping grandfather out of trouble and the family ranch from falling apart by day, and trying not to get bored working in her sleepy town by night. But when a sexy intruder claiming to be an angel warns her she's going to die, Raine starts to wonder if she's going off the deep end. Dillon Taylor isn't exactly an angel--he's a nephilim. He doesn't live by the same rules as angels or humans, but there is on rule he doesn't like to break: never get involved with mortals. But the old man's granddaughter is in trouble, and he finds himself breaking all kinds of rules to not only save her, but to have her.

This was a more erotic read than I was expecting, but by no means was I disappointed. Both main characters were lovable an real. The fantasy element of the book was interesting, especially the love scenes, which still has me teetering between "uh, okay" and "that was hot".  The setting and secondary characters were perfect. The writing was smooth, the plot stable, and the conflict solid. My only quirk is after the bank-robbery was solved, the romantic conflict resolution felt rushed, including the "ah ha, I love him" moment. Recommended.

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