Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: That Thing Called Love, by Susan Andersen

Razor Bay Inn manager Jenny Salazar wants nothing more than to help young Austin through the ordeal of losing his grandparents. With his mother gone, Jenny has always been like an older sister to him, and all they have now is each other. But when his globe-trotting photojournalist father, Jake Bradshaw, returns to the resort town claiming he wants to suddenly be a part of his life, things change on a dime.
I normally love Andersen, but for the first time ever, I just didn't love this one. Not without her usual wit and heart, this book lacked a connection to the hero for me. This is a guy who abandoned his son and never looked back. There were excuses, but none that gelled. I kept reading, hoping to change my mind, but that moment just never came. From the start, the romance was unrealistic, as was everyone's reaction to the situation. The ending felt improbable too. Alas, I won't hesitate to buy Andersen again, though.

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