Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Inn Boonsboro Trilogy by Nora Roberts

*This review is for the 3 books in the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy.*

After losing her husband, Claire Brewster returned to her hometown with her three young boys in tow. Five years later, she owns the bookstore she loves and is finally feeling settled. Until Beckett Montgomery starts to make her rethink love and forever beginnings.
This trilogy involves the three Montgomery brothers, their road to true love, and the restoration of a historic hotel in small town Boonsboro--which has a ghost on a mission. I always felt Roberts was best when writing her trilogies, and this was no exception. The secondary characters shine, and set up the other books well. This book had a lot of heart and a low heat level. Between Beckett's workload, Claire's business, and her three sons, these two had to fight for time together. I felt this story was as realistic as it was engaging. Another great read from Roberts.

Owen Montgomery is the organized member of his family. He likes things in perfect order. But when heat arises between him and pizzeria owner Avery MacTavish, he finds his world completely upended. And loving it.
I loved watching the Inn come together slowly and the restoration of the historic building start to shine again. I also loved the development of the ghost angle and watching Owen lose his cool. Avery especially was a great mix of eccentric and earthbound, making her an interesting heroine. Her backstory was a great find. Low heat level, but a great love story. Not to be missed.

Ryder Montgomery has always been the hardest of the three brothers to figure out. His broodish nature keeps most at a distance, but Hope Beaumont is learning he's all soft under the hard shell. And she's also figuring out the move to Boonsboro has finally landed her right where she's supposed to be.
I couldn't wait for these two to hook up. The constant bickering made for great chemistry. I also loved seeing the Inn finished, and having conclusion for their ghostly friend. Most enjoyable was this didn't go over the top with sap. I can easily picture the three brothers and their women now, even after the story is done, still carrying on in the town, one project for their mother after another. Roberts created a world where the Inn was a secondary character, you wanted to join this crazy family, and wishing Boonsboro was real. Highly recommended.

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