Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Jennifer Probst "Marriage" Series

*This review is for the 3 books in the Marriage Series.*

Alexa McKenzie needed to save her home, and billionaire, Nicholas Ryan, needed a wife to inherit his father's company. When Alexa conjures a love spell, the two get more than they bargained for.
This is my first time reading a Probst, and will definitely not be my last. She hit the NY Times and USA Today bestseller list after this, and for good reason. This is an author to keep an eye out for. I love that she was able to take a used theme like this and twist it into something funny, sweet, and addicting. And fresh! An author who knows her characters and how to plot, as well. Bravo.

Billionaire Michael Conte needs to find a fiancé to satisfy his late father's wishes so his younger sister may marry to have her happily-ever-after. Free-spirit Maggie Ryan does not fit into his traditional world, but she'd get something out of this arrangement if she agrees to help. Both may find that they are just what each other needs.
I was looking forward to reading Maggie's story, as I fell in love with her as a secondary in the first book. This didn't disappoint. And Michael is hot! I love the "love spell" element to these stories. It gives the books a cute tie-in. Perfect setting in rural Italy, adoring family, and steamy scenes. Not to be missed.

Carina Conte has had a crush on her older brother's best friend since she was a girl. But when she casts a love spell on Max Gray, he doesn't overlook her anymore. And now they find themselves in a compromising position that may just bind them forever.
My only quirk with this book is the blurb gives away the entire plot, and the big twist doesn't befall until more than halfway through. I kinda felt cheated. In saying that, since we first met Carina in the other books, I couldn't wait for her to get her man. This was not without the touching moments and humor Probst draws readers into, as well as the deep-rooted family ties. It was so nice to see Carina's journey growing up and watching her become a woman too. Recommended.

*Note: Michael's other sister, Julietta, receives the love spell book at the end of the last story from Carina. Not sure if there is another book coming with her or not.

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