Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: A Christmas Bride, by Susan Mallery

This book was two stories in one. Short novella--ONLY US, and regular length category--THE SHEIK AND THE CHRISTMAS BRIDE.

ONLY US, as I feel with most shorts, lacked the depth needed to pull off the story. I wished this had been full length. Pet groomer Carina Fiore wants to confess her feelings for her veterinarian boss Cameron McKenzie. She's loved him and his son for years, and with the spirit of Christmas miracles, she finally gets the courage. Cameron's reaction and the love story itself felt forced, as did the conflict. Again, I'm confident Mallery could have pulled this off and issues resolved had this been full length. In saying that, the idea was a great one, and the secondary characters were so lovable, as was the town.

THE SHEIK AND THE CHRISTMAS BRIDE fell a tad flat for me. I loved the premise of prince and peasant, but the emotional conflict never gelled. Prince As'ad of El Deharia agrees to adopt three orphaned girls when their beautiful teacher, Kayleen James, tries to save them from a terrible fate. But when she becomes his nanny, she does more than inhabit his castle, she captures his heart. I will say Mallery had me tearing up for those kids and Kayleen's backstory. And I wanted a HEA for them all badly. I suppose my biggest issue was the prince himself, and his runaround on love.

Alas, I still love Mallery and will read her books 'til she stops writing them.

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