Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Barefoot in the Rain, by Roxanne St. Claire

Life Coach to the Stars Jocelyn Bloom finds herself smack in the middle of a scandal, and the only place to hide is the one place she never wanted to return... home. She left Barefoot Bay and the boy next door years before, but she's finding Will Palmer and the connection they once had, still as strong as ever. Now, her father, and the man who made her childhood hell, is sick with Alzheimer's, and she's discovering that the only way to find true happiness and love is to forgive.

I loved the first Barefoot Bay book, and couldn't wait for this one. Hearing Jocelyn's story was heartbreaking, and I never rooted for a heroine more. Will was loveable and the perfect hero for her. This was a perfect blend of St. Claire's humorous wit and tender story-telling. I thought I'd find myself hating Will for helping her dad, or for Jocelyn leaning toward forgiveness, but I never did. St. Claire's grasp on Alzheimer's was astoundingly accurate and realistic. And as before in the previous book, the four friends were great as secondaries, as was the town. I cannot wait for Zoe's tale next. Not to be missed.

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