Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: Secret of the Wolf, Cynthia Garner

Tori Joseph is the werewolf liaison to the Counsel of Preternaturals, and used to living among humans. But when a string of brutal attacks on humans hits close to home, she's finding her loyalties torn. Human Dante MacMillian knows Tori is hiding something, but they've worked together well for so long, he ignores his suspicions. With evil closing in, he needs her to trust him, or they'll both lose everything.

This was a very interesting premise with immortals and humans coexisting, but humans recently became aware of them and new laws protecting and serving both species. Very True Blood like, but more civilized. There were a lot of secondary characters, and a lot of points-of-view, which I felt detracted from the story. I really saw the end coming too, but it didn't stop me from reading. The conflict felt too easily resolved. Now, the heat and romance where awesome, and the story itself was fascinating. Very unique, and recommended.

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