Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: Dark Awakening, Kendra Leigh Castle

Lily Quinn has always felt different. But when she meets mysterious Tynan MacGillivray one foggy night, her vivid nightmares and eerie sixth sense goes into hyper drive. Tynan's on a quest to find a seer to save his vampire clan, but Lily is anything but a common mortal with a gift, she just might be the key to change and the one to bring peace after centuries of war. But what exactly is she, and how do they untap her true potential before the assassins catch up with them?

This is a book with conflict like no other. And not easily resolved. Bravo, Castle. This is my first book by her, but it won't be my last. This is Book One in the Dark Dynasties series. I really loved the set up for the next installments. The secondary characters had me gunning for the sequel, and wanting their story. The world-building was dynamic, and the main characters dimensional. Very interesting premise for a paranormal too. Unique. Love!

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