Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: Barefoot in the Sun by Roxanne St. Claire

When she was ten, Zoe Tamarin was rescued from a nightmare childhood by her great-aunt Pasha. They've been running ever since, never staying in one place long enough to grow roots or form attachments. The only exceptions are Zoe's three best friends in Barefoot Bay, and the one man she had to let go. Dr. Oliver Bradbury never got over the day Zoe walked out on him without a word. Now she was back, wanting him to risk everything to save Pasha, the woman who took Zoe from him in the first place. This may just be the second chance he's waited nine years for, but he needs to get Zoe to understand that when running is all she's ever known, sometimes the bravest act is standing still.

These books are part of the Barefoot Bay series, with Barefoot in the Sand & Barefoot in the Rain coming before, and Barefoot by the Sea coming in October 2013.

These Barefoot Bay books are addictive. Ideal, beautiful setting, a close cluster of eccentric friends, and finding love... one by one by one. Admittedly, Zoe's story interested me the least. Until I read it and found out why she was always running. I got to see a deeper side to the flighty woman and completely understand. And wow, Oliver? Hawt. The new secondary characters in this book, like Oliver's son, Evan, were just a delight and moved the plot. I loved that we got to see inside Pasha's head too. This third book was full of humor, heart, and grief. Not to be missed. I cannot wait for Tessa's story.

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