Monday, April 8, 2013

Review: Summer in Napa, by Marina Adair

When Lexi Moreau's husband is caught cheating with his sous-chef, Lexi runs all the way home to St. Vineyard. There she plans to turn her grandmother's bakery into a bistro. But her ex has other plans impeding that dream, and his best friend Marco DeLuca is helping. Growing up, Lexi has always been off-limits for Marco, since she was the best friend's girl. Except now she's unattached and he finds her just as irresistible as ever. Plus, he's starting to realize his best friend may not be the best person to side with.

I read the ARC of Kissing Under the Mistletoe and loved it. I was excited to receive Summer in Napa as part of the St. Helena Vineyard series. As much as I liked Mistletoe, Napa outshined. Full of quirk, humor, and steam, this was impossible to put down and hard to forget. The characters were relatable, the romance hot, the setting ideal, and the secondary characters delightful. A sweet and funny small town romance worth the read.

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