Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review: Bungalow Nights by Christie Ridgway

While trying to aid a fallen officer, combat medic Vance Smith made a promise: show the dying man's young daughter an idyllic vacation at Crescent Cove. Honored by his promise, Vance is shocked to find a full grown and beautiful woman, not a girl. Layla Parker hasn't known a sense of home or consistency. In her mind, nothing in life is permanent. But lazy days and warm nights on the Cove with a sexy man is starting to make her want those things.

In book one (Beach House No 9), I loved the primary characters but felt the secondary fell flat. In this second book, I loved the secondary characters, Addy and Baxter, but felt just so-so on the main ones. I feel like this stemmed from a minor lack in conflict and stretching the ending. In saying that, I've loved Ridgway's style for years, and have never been able to put down her books. She writes with underlying emotion mixed with wit which makes for an enriching overall read. The setting for this series is amazing, and oh, how I wish I was there. This book also has a great lead in for the next story, which is the one I'm dying to get to (The Love Shack).

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