Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: My Dangerous Pleasure, Carolyn Jewel

Paisley Nichols is used to being on her own and taking care of herself. But when she finds herself with new abilities, everything she thinks she knows about the real world crashes down. An insane mage has transferred his powers to her, and now he's threatening her at every turn. Demon assassin Iskander doesn't get close to anyone, and spends his days serving his warlord. Until an attraction for a human with unimaginable powers needs his protection. Now they must fight together to find out what this mage wants, before hell is unleashed.

This book is number four in the series, and I've followed them all. They are stand alone reads, but I recommend reading them in order. This book especially is an example of what a perfect paranormal romance should be. Humans, witches, demons, undercover secrets in the real world, magic, and romance. Oh, the romance. This book was hot. The heroine was particularly lovable in this book. There was action at every turn, and without issuing a spoiler alert, the ending couldn't have been more satisfying. Recommended!

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