Friday, August 10, 2012

Review: Deep Disclosure, Dee Davis

Alexis Markham has spent the last decade running from her father's secret. Once a scientist for the government, her father developed a biological weapon. Then his team was killed, and he took his family into hiding. Alexis was the only one who survived when the government found them. And now, it seems they've found her again. Tucker Flynn is in charge of protecting and secretly investigating her as a member of A-Tac (an elite CIA unit masquerading as Ivy league college faculty). He has his own past he's trying to overcome. But they quickly ascertain that nothing is as it seems. Can Alexis let down her guard to finally let someone help her?

I've read all the books in this series, and loved them. Davis' fast-pace and emotional conflict make for an enjoyable read. Just when you think you've got this figured out, she throws you another curve. Though I liked the previous books, Tucker has got to be my favorite hero of them all. Set mostly in New Orleans, Davis sets the scene like a pro, drawing you into the Cajun south with a flourish. The array of secondary characters adds to the story nicely. If you've followed the books, this won't disappoint.

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