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FREE eBook Giveaway-Interview With author Sandra Crowley

Welcome! I had the pleasure in interviewing author Sandra Crowley!

After reading the below interview with Sandra, don't forget to leave a comment because one lucky person will win a FREE eBook copy of CAUGHT BY A CLOWN.

This event runs Thursday through Saturday morning. You do NOT need an ereader to win. The book will be emailed to you and you can read it right on your PC, OR you can upload it to your reader.

BIO: A great deal of author Sandra Crowley's life she feels is similar to others. What might set her apart, though, is the number of times her family moved while she was young. That mobility bred a desire to see and experience more new places. Once she married, her husband's career often carried them across the country. They've lived in Colorado for a few years now, but when he finally retires, they'll be off again, visiting all their friends they left scattered across the United States, some as far north as Alaska or east into Puerto Rico. When their two children reached their teen years, Sandra seized the time to pursue interests of her own. She joined RWA and two local chapters. Those organizations' workshops, online classes, conferences, and contests (initially as an entrant, currently as a judge) help me improve my craft and create characters driven to danger.

Thanks for being here, Sandra. It’s a pleasure.
#1- Tell us a little about yourself outside of your writing career…

You already know I love to travel. I also love animals and have had some sort of pet my whole life until we moved to our latest home. This house is too small for indoor pets and leaving them alone out of doors, especially at night, is dangerous. Colorado’s high country hosts coyotes, cougars, bear, etc. Although our far flung neighbors have dogs and cats I’ve befriended, my heart would break if an animal I was supposed to be caring for became predator food.
Talking about food...I dislike cooking, probably because I’ve cooked nearly every morsel that has passed my family’s lips for more years than I care to count. I’m an eat-to-live person not a live-to-eat. Food is meant to be fuel for our bodies, nothing more. Don’t get me wrong. I love chocolate although I’m allergic to it, or rather the caffeine in it. I appreciate a well prepared meal and the forethought, preparation and execution that go into them. I certainly admire women like Rachel Ray who can create in the kitchen; it’s a gift I do not possess.

#2- Can you tell us a bit about the book in this giveaway, CAUGHT BY A CLOWN?

My creativity comes out as words on pages. My romantic suspense novel, CAUGHT BY A CLOWN, is the first published validation of that talent. This fast paced, spicy book is about a spontaneous freelance journalist on a mission of mercy who finds herself entangled with a methodical undercover FBI agent out to settle a score.
Blurb: Stacie Monroe's spontaneity lands her in hot water again when her best friend's little brother disappears and Stacie trails him to a nudist resort. To get inside the exclusive oasis and convince him to return home, she must blend in, a move tailor made to shock her oh-so-proper family and renew efforts to bring her in line.
That's exactly what Special Agent David Graham intends to do when she interferes in his case. Yet, the soft-hearted temptress challenges his resolve, revealing the path to a love he thought impossible. Will that love survive when he betrays her in order to unravel the final twist in his case and convict a vicious killer?

#3- How do you handle the negative reviews and critiques you receive?

Contest critiques of the book’s early versions were sometimes harsh, sometimes glowing. I took solace in the fact that judges were always passionate in their opinions. That meant I had reached them on an emotional level, which is a good thing! If someone were to read Stacie and David’s story and not care one way or the other how their journey played out, that would be the worse critique I could receive because I hadn’t touched that reader’s emotions.
However, I’ve been lucky since The Wild Rose Press released CAUGHT BY A CLOWN. It’s been reviewed 3 times and all were positive: 4 hearts each time from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews ( ), The Romance Reviews ( ), and The Romance Studio ( ).

#4- We are both members of RWA and our local chapters. Would you recommend it to other aspiring romance writers and why?

I definitely recommend membership in RWA and a local chapter for aspiring romance writers, especially if they’re seeking publication! Wait. Let me revise that. I definitely recommend membership in RWA and a local chapter for aspiring romance writers! If they’re seeking publication, a goal which can develop unexpectedly, I believe it vital to be a member of RWA. Writing is a solitary endeavor--I am the one who must put down the words I choose in ways only I combine that form my unique style. Yet, writers need support. We need access to skills we can learn; we need opportunities to network with like-minded authors; we need exposure to changes in our industry. RWA and its local chapters provide these assets.
I do want to clarify that I don’t belong to a Colorado RWA chapter. The closest is a 5 to 6 hour drive for me. Utah is the same. However, with the aid of the internet, I still enjoy and benefit from the support of Yellow Rose, which is based in Texas. I’ve been a member for over 12 years--the last time we lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

#5- Assuming you get any time to read, what authors do you like to read, and were there any books that stand out from your childhood as favorites?

I love reading all of Caroline Clemmons’ books, Jodi Thomas, Sandra Brown, Julie Garwood, Janet Evanovich, Stephen Hunter, and John Grisham.
As for a childhood favorite, that would be GONE WITH THE WIND. I read it straight through one summer weekend despite being caught each night with the flashlight under my sheet. Scarlett captured my imagination. I was not the belle of the ball; I was too shy. I didn’t have hundreds of friends; we moved almost as quickly as I met other kids. I didn’t have the courage Scarlett possessed in her convictions, although I discovered through her journey that much of that stemmed from her self-centeredness, a valuable lesson for a girl on the verge of womanhood.

#6- Are there any upcoming releases we would like to know about, and could you give us your web site so readers can check it out?

I’m currently working on revisions my editor wanted before I send her the full manuscript of RACE AGAINST TIME. This story is linked to CAUGHT BY A CLOWN through Brad Burkholt, David’s fellow agent who helps him protect Stacie and her best friend’s little brother.
Your readers can find me and CAUGHT BY A CLOWN at my website and my blog, Driven 2 Danger

#7- This about concludes it. Thank you again for joining us. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thank you for inviting me here. I appreciate the opportunity to join you and your readers. Time is precious; spending a few minutes with y’all is an honor. I wish each and every one of you the best of luck in all your endeavors.


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Comment away for Sandra...:)

AJ Nuest said...

Hi Sandra! Caught by a Clown sounds fantastic! I liked how you said receiving a negative review is okay, as long as the response is passionate. This rings so true for me. I've often had CPs get back to be with such intense responses, that even when they are negative, I know I've keyed into something special. Great job! Here's to many sales in 2011!

Ruby Johnson said...

New authors are always encouraged to write good hooks and you've certainly done it with this book. God job!

Sandra Crowley said...

Hi Kelly I'm so pleased to be here. I had to make an unexpected trip into town first thing this morning but better to be late talking to y'all than not at all-I love my new smart phone!

AJ, it is special when we writers hit that emotional button. You certainly did with Jezebel's Wish. Congrats!

Good to see you again, Ruby. Thanks for your lovely comments.

Kelly Moran said...

Great having you, Sandra!

Sandra Crowley said...

Ah, Friday! Ya gotta love Fridays! I'll be popping in and out all day. Have fun, everyone, and leave a comment so I can get to know you, too. *wink, wink* Those comments give you a chance to win a copy of Stacie and David's story.

Kelly Moran said...

Saturday, June 18th, 7 a.m.

And the winner is... AJ! Grats, you'll hear from the author soon.

Big thanks to Sandra for being here, and come back soon, everyone.


Sandra Crowley said...

Congratulations, AJ. I'm thrilled you won the drawing. A pdf of Caught by a Clown will be coming your way very soon.