Thursday, June 9, 2011

FREE eBook Giveaway-Interview With Author Brenda Whiteside

Welcome. I had the pleasure in interviewing author Brenda Whitside.

After reading the below interview with Brenda, don't forget to leave a comment because one lucky person will win a FREE eBook copy of SLEEPING WITH THE LIGHTS ON.

This event runs Thursday through Saturday morning. You do NOT need an ereader like Kindle or Nook to enter. The book will be emailed to you and you can read it on your PC, or upload it to your reading device.

BIO: Brenda has been writing all of her life in one way or another from the captions on her childish artwork to teenage psychedelic scrolls to her current novel. After publishing several short stories, she turned to writing novels. Regardless of the length of her story, the characters drive her forward, taking her on their journey of discovery and love. Her life is blessed with three creative soul mates. Her son, a singer/song writer, lives in a far off western town in the pines. She lives in Minnesota, a nature wonderland that captured her heart seventeen years ago, with her husband, an excellent photographer, and their dog Rusty, who creates joy (and is the smartest dog in the world).

Thanks for being here, Brenda. It’s a pleasure.

It’s a pleasure for me to be here, Kelly. You have a classy blog.

#1- Tell us a little about yourself outside of your writing career…

Is there anything outside my writing? Joking of course, but writing eats up most of my time. I am glad to see the snow disappearing here in Minnesota. My bike has cobwebs, and I’m looking forward to hitting the trails. We’ll probably do more hiking than riding so Rusty can go with us. The other kind of riding I enjoy is on the motorcycle. We have some friends that we like to take long rides with during the warmer months. Summer also brings gatherings on the deck in the backyard or at restaurants on lakes. I belong to the St.MinneSomePlace in Paradise club that raises money for charity, but we do plenty of socializing. And I like to “dig in the dirt” as my husband calls my gardening.

#2- Can you tell us a bit about your book in this giveaway, SLEEPING WITH THE LIGHTS ON?

My heroine is outside the norm for romance novels. Sandra is fifty, been divorced twice and still not settled in a career. She’s involved with a quirky millionaire when ex-husband number two comes back into her life for suspicious reasons. He’s a gorgeous county western singer from Las Vegas who she never got over. When it rains it pours for Sandra – she has a secret admirer and a voluptuous redheaded stalker hot on her trail, a promotion at work but an exciting job offer and her sister’s marriage appears to be on the skids. We know it’s romance so we have the happy ending, but there’s an unexpected surprise at the end.

#3- How do you handle the negative reviews and critiques you receive?

I’ve not had to deal with any negative reviews. I had one review that gave me an average rating, but I pulled the good points out and ran with those. I do have to say, before I published, more than one person told me I shouldn’t write in first person. I admit I let that bother me and tried changing to third person, but it just didn’t work. You have to go with your gut, and I’m glad I did.

#4- Does your dog--the smartest in the world-- and your husband--the excellent photographer-- inspire any plot ideas?

Not directly. There is usually an animal in most of my stories, but Rusty hasn’t made an appearance yet. Maybe he should! My husband has been helping me plot my current WIP. He is a voracious reader of suspense and mystery, and I’m beginning a mystery series.

#5- Assuming you get any time to read, what authors do you like to read, and were there any books that stand out from your childhood as favorites?

Ha – you are making a big assumption there! I get about fifteen minutes before I turn out the lights at night. And I love to read. There has only been one author that I’ve read all of his novels and that was Dick Francis. My mother-in-law was a horse woman and she bought me my first Dick Francis novel. His books were so easy to get into for me, nothing too deep, and pure entertainment. From my childhood, I loved Charlotte’s Web. And from my youth, Wuthering Heights, My Little Women, Jane Eyre and the Lord of the Rings books.

#6- Are there any upcoming releases we would like to know about, and could you give us your web site so readers can check it out?

I don’t have the contracts in hand yet, so can’t say. I can tell you, I have a short about a blind date gone crazy, a contemporary western novella and a full length historical YA (with a crossover appeal for older audiences) that I am hoping are published in the next six to eight months. Here’s hoping! My web site is In the next few weeks, I’ll put up some blurbs from them. And be sure to sign up for my ‘announce only’ newsletter while on my site.

#7- This about concludes it. Thank you again for joining us. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thank you, Kelly. I’ve enjoyed it. Referring back to one of the questions you asked me, I’d like to hear from our readers what authors are they hooked on. I know there have been a couple of authors whose books I thought I would never tire of but did. So what authors do you never get tired of reading?


Kelly Moran said...

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Comment away for Brenda...:)

Brenda Whiteside said...

Good morning, Kelly. Great to be here.

Tea said...

Hi Kelly,

I have a dumb question. I won Bound For Brazil. Where is the book??? It's an ebook. Help! Very grateful for the win.

Betty Gordon said...

Brenda, a solid interview with Kelly. There are many authors I never tire of -- Robert Crais, Jeffery Deaver, Lee Child, Lisa Jackson and me , I look forward to reading your latest work.
Betty Gordon

Betty Gordon said...

A second comment. The site didn't recognize the grin symbol after "me." Sorry.
Betty Gordon\

Brenda Whiteside said...

No worry. I "felt" the grin. We have to not get tired of ourselves! Thanks for dropping by!

Kelly Moran said...

Tea, I'll email the author, but have you checked your spam folder? It should be emailed to you from her.

Great to have ya, Brenda!

S.B.Niccum said...

It's nice to meet you Brenda. That's a great way to look at bad reviews!
S.B. Niccum
Author Website

Brenda Whiteside said...

Hi S.B. Yep, something to be learned from everyone, especially if offered honestly.

Cate Masters said...

Wonderful interview Kelly and Brenda! I love so many authors, but never tire of TC Boyle or Alice Hoffman. Best of luck with your release!

Brenda Whiteside said...

Oh, interesting, Cate. Thanks for stopping by.

Lisa said...

Hi Brenda, I love the title of the book and I think it's great your heroine is not the typical 25-35 year old. Mature women can have romantic adventures, too!

Brenda Whiteside said...

You betcha. They can be downright hot - they have the experience. Ha. Thanks for commenting. Now come back and leave your email for the drawing!

LaVerne Clark said...

Looking forward to checking out your next releases Brenda! They sound great, as does Sleeping with the Lights on.

As for authors - I adore Jodi Picoult and only wish I could write as well, Diana Gabaldon and LaVyrle Spencer (why, oh why did she retire?!)

oops - almost forgot -

booklister said...


I love that your heroine is "older". . . .can't wait to read the book. Thanks for writing it!

Brenda Whiteside said...

LaVerne, those are good ones and very different styles. You have ecclectic tastes. Thanks for commenting.

Thank you, booklister, for stopping by.

Jannine Gallant said...

Great interview, Brenda. Isn't it funny how we're afraid to say too much about a story until we have that contract signed. Best of luck with your projects. Hopefully we'll both be celebrating our cowboy novellas soon!

Brenda Whiteside said...

Hi Jannine. Good luck with your cowboy novella.

Sarah Butland said...

Sounds delightful and intriguing - two things I love in a good.

All writer's are the same aren't they - with so much life to live the writing and reading seem to fall behind but are always in the lead.

Brenda Whiteside said...

Good morning, all. Sorry I miss your comment last night, Sarah. I'm an early to rise person so not up very late.

Writers do have that one thing in common, regardless of what they write - the life they live and the multiple lives floating around in their heads that need to get out. Plus the love of reading. So little time and so many books to write and read!

Calisa Rhose said...

Shoot, I thought I did this the other day when I stopped in! Well, I love a good suspense and your book sounds right up my alley.

Brenda Whiteside said...

I'm so glad you came back! Good luck.

Kelly Moran said...

Saturday, June 11th, 7 a.m.

And the winner is... Calisa. Grats! You'll get an email soon.

Big thanks to Brenda for being here, and come back soon everyone!


Brenda Whiteside said...

Thank you so much for having me, Kelly. I'm looking forward to your future guests. And thanks to eveyone who visited for me.