Sunday, March 20, 2011


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Until Now, by Denise Skelton
ISBN: 9780979087738
Publisher: First Chance Publishing

Author Denise Skelton is the romance author of such books as: My Angel, My Everything, and Forgotten Promises. She proclaims she must always have a happy ending and that she finds it most difficult to write about herself. She resides in Columbia, Maryland with her family.
As things appear to go from bad to worse for Terry Meyers, she decides it’s time to take control of her life. First, handle her deadbeat ex-husband, who seems to have forgotten Terry and their two sons when he left them for a younger woman and started a new family. Second, find a new career since she just got fired from her customer service job at the mall. And third, swear off all men, as she has a disastrous history of choosing the wrong men, always ending up hurt or used… Until now. When Wade Nelson runs into Terry at the grocery store, he just had to help her out of a predicament. After moving back to Chicago to work as the new English teacher, Wade also has another agenda for being in Chicago, and falling in love isn’t it. But Terry finds herself in unusual situations that Wade is compelled to bail her out of, and now the woman sworn off men and the man not wanting to settle down are rethinking their minds.
First, I want to mention that I truly appreciate what the author tried to do here in this book by bringing two different cultures and races together; Terry being an African-American, and Wade being a Malaysian born American. Readers can learn about the Malaysian culture without realizing it. Also, bringing to life the struggles of a divorced single mother, with a teenager and young son to raise, money tight, and an ex who won’t pay child support or makes excuses not to see his kids.
In saying that, this book just failed to deliver and wasn’t for me. There was a lot of info-dumping, meaning too much too soon, and the plot jumped a lot, slowing the book down. Without giving too much away, the real reason and mystery behind Wade being back in Chicago was poorly executed and not very interesting because of that. Mostly, the heroine, Terry, was completely unrelatable, making me not care what happened to her. Examples: She runs into an ex and decides to give him another try. While at his apartment, when he’s in the other room, she steals money from his wallet. She gets fired from her job, a job she needs to feed her kids and pay the mortgage, because she’s talking on her cell phone and repeatedly ignoring a customer. Also, the cover just doesn’t seem to fit with Wade’s heritage. Not recommended.

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer,

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