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Farewell Alexandria, by Derek Adie Flower
ISBN: 9781847534422, Publisher:

After reading Farewell Alexandria, by Derek Flower, I am exceedingly impressed. Derek Flower has lived in Egypt, France, and Italy. He has an Honors Degree in Modern Languages and speaks English, Italian, and French. He has three fiction and three non-fiction titles to his name. Currently he resides just outside of Rome with his wife.

Although a work of fiction, many of the background accounts in the story are factual, accounting international history. A family saga, of sorts, this memoir follows a family through three generations over a span of eighty years- beginning with the birth of Antor Caspardian, to his son, George, his daughter, MaryAnn, and grandchildren, Nelson, Jemima, and A.J. It relates the elation of love, the devastation of loss, and the rise from poverty to the power wealth can bring; all amidst the economical and political history he lays out.

The book had a few editing issues such as: misplaced and/or needed commas, and misspellings. Overall, there were few, and was not a distraction while reading. Following all of the secondary characters could be, at times, a bit difficult to keep straight. In my opinion, the book should have been published in hard cover.

In saying that, I cannot possibly conjure enough positive adjectives to describe this book. It was so eloquently written that I found myself completely immersed in the story-line from page one. The characters were not only believable and relatable, but you felt as if you’ve known them your entire life. The pure ambition of the characters, along with the adventure and intrigue written, were a true testament to the human spirit and the force that drives us all. Beginning and ending the book in the same place, with the same character, only added leverage. It was extremely difficult to put down. I, at no time, lost interest, nor did I find any dead spots. It was not predictable in any form. The mixture of emotions that floods your system, from rage, fury, and wrath, to delight, amusement, and euphoria, engage you in this assault from the first chapter. Readers can take with them a history and cultural lesson they will not soon forget. This was a heartbreaking, bittersweet, and poignant tale; one that will stay with me for a long time. I need not say that I hope to find more titles from him in the future, as I know there will be.

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer

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