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Sassy, by Gloria Mallette
ISBN: 9780967878935
Publisher: Gemini Press

Author Gloria Mallette is the winner of the 2007 Best Books Awards and the 2008 Indie Excellence Awards. Other titles include: Living, Breathing Lies, Weeping Willows Dance, Shades of Jade, Promises to Keep, The Honey Well, Distant Lover, What’s Done in the Dark, If There Be Pain, and When We Practice to Deceive. She resides in Alabama with her husband and son.
Popular romance novelist, Sassy Davenport, thinks she has finally met the man of her dreams. While doing a book signing architect, Norris Yoshito, walks in and captures her attention. Appearing to be a man of great compassion, Norris even assists with her cousin who is dying of AIDS. But with the good comes another side, a darker side, one that could be a violent killer. Key people associated with Norris are brutally murdered, throwing Sassy into a tailspin of uncertainty and doubt. While New York City detectives are on the hunt for a madman, fear and danger grips Sassy while she’s plunged into a world of danger, the real world, where romance doesn’t exist and murder comes knocking.
I’m going to encourage any readers of this book to get past chapter three and keep reading. From page one, you think you know who the killer is, which left me very disappointed and thinking this book had a fatal flaw. I don’t want to issue a spoiler alert, so just trust me when I say that’s not the case. Listed as a romantic suspense, I found this to be more of a murder mystery with romantic elements.
The writing style throughout the book seemed lack-luster to me and the dialog was often tiresome and unnecessary. Because of this, there were a few places where the storyline dragged and interest was lost. There were several grammatical errors in the way of unused commas and periods of improper English, causing me to have to reread a sentence several times to understand the concept. In honesty, I think I have the advanced reading copy, so this may be corrected before publication.
In saying that, I found this to be a great plot and/or premise for a book of this genre, as it hasn’t been overdone. Ms. Mallette appears to have a great understanding of the characteristics and personalities that make us human. The setting, careers, and illness throughout the book were obviously well researched and without flaws. The climactic elements of suspense were well-written and engaging. I’m giving this three out of five stars and would recommend for mystery/suspense fans.

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer

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