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Pinkie the Cat Gets a Baby Sister, by Greta Baker Ward
ISBN: 9780979834608, Publisher: P.M. Publishing

Pinkie the Cat Gets a Baby Sister, by Greta Baker Ward is a children’s book targeting the four to seven year old age bracket, however, children of all ages can delight in this story.
Pinkie the Cat loves his owners and home, but when they bring home another kitten, Pinkie feels he is being replaced, and so he runs away to search for another home. This is the first book in a series of Pinkie the Cat adventures. To see more you can visit
I have to give the author a lot of credit, she did something very different for the illustrations. There was a contest held at an elementary school, in which the third grade art class was to draw the two main characters, Pinkie and Maxine. The winner received a gift certificate, recognition in the book, and a signed copy. So, in essence, Pinkie the Cat’s illustrator was Collin May, and Maxine’s illustrator was Sydney O’Bier. The rest of the illustrations were done by Laurie Louthain Lundgren. I found this to be very clever, and what a wonderful way to recognize art in the classrooms.
This was a delightful, charming, and endearing story. It serves a great lesson for children in problem solving, the dangers of acting too brashly, and the love only a family can give. I look forward to more Pinkie the Cat books in the future.

Kelly Moran
Author and Reviewer

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