Sunday, March 20, 2011


Review For:
The Love of Her Life, by Harriet Evans
ISBN: 9781439111796
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Author Harriet Evans is an international best-seller, with other titles including: A Hopeless Romantic and Going Home. She resides in London.
In London, Kate Miller had it all- An exciting job at a fashion magazine, a sexy fiancĂ©, and the greatest friends anyone could ask for. Until one fateful day when it all went horribly wrong. Three years later, she’s living in New York and still struggling to move on. When her father becomes ill, Kate must return to London to face her demons and the memories she left behind. But can she overcome the pain, forgive, and allow herself to love again?
This book was a bit like reading a modern day Jane Austen novel- Frustrating, clever, and intriguing. You go through the entire book wondering what had happened to Kate so long ago that was life-changing, and when you get there, you can’t help but feel the agony and torment of it. The book jumps from present to past to relay the tale of then and now, so you can’t help but keep reading. Once the secret is found, it is then a battle for Kate to overcome it and move on. I can’t say any more, or it will be ruined for future readers.
Maddening, sad, and sweet- Harriet Evans spins a tale of real life people, their flaws, and the power of forgiveness in ones self in this title, The Love of Her Life.

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer

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