Sunday, March 20, 2011


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Kill For Me, by Karen Rose
ISBN: 9780446510301
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (Hachette Book Group)

Author Karen Rose is a New York Times best-selling author and award-winner. Other titles include: Nothing to Fear, Count to Ten, You Can’t Hide, Die For Me, Scream For Me, Don’t Tell, I’m Watching you, Have You Seen Her, and I Can See You- coming out in August 2009. When she’s not writing, she’s practicing for her next karate belt test. Karen resides in Florida with her husband, (an avid fisherman), and her two daughters, (who also like to write).
When five girls are discovered in an underground bunker dead, Special Agent Luke Papadopoulos can’t help but think- Too late. I was too late, again! Only one girl has survived this horrendous crime, and with five more girls out there who have been kidnapped, drugged, beaten, and raped- Luke is running out of time to save them. Susannah Vartanian knows all too well what these girls have gone through. A repeated rape victim herself, and now a DA, Susannah finds comfort in Luke’s arms for the first time in years, maybe ever. But trying to bring down this vile ring of people who are selling these girls on the black market only throws more questions, lies, and horror at them. The chain of deception and cruelty runs deep. They are willing to take any extreme measures necessary to keep their anonymity and their business intact…And maintain silence amongst those responsible.
I’m going to have nightmares for weeks after reading this book. It throws you into a world you never knew existed, or rather, you prayed didn’t exist. Taken from several different points-of-view, it immediately sucks you into the minds of the determined detectives, the terrified victims, and the despicable murderers. Hailed by James Patterson and Lorenzo Carcaterra, it is not that difficult to see why Karen Rose is an award-winner or a best-seller. She has an extensive understanding for both the dark and light side of human nature and a true gift for displaying that in her books. The plot was fast-paced, with more twists than a windsock in a tornado. You don’t see half of them coming. The characters were realistic in every sense of the word. You really grasp the concept of victim. Be prepared…Very prepared. You won’t put it down out of your trembling hands until it’s over.
If you want a fast-paced, chilling, intense, and unforgettable book- Pick up Kill For Me, by Karen Rose.

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer

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