Sunday, March 20, 2011


Review For:
I Can See You, by Karen Rose
ISBN: 9780446538343
Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

Author Karen Rose is a New York Times best-selling author and award-winner. Other titles include: Nothing to Fear, Count to Ten, You Can’t Hide, Die For Me, Scream For Me, Don’t Tell, I’m Watching you, Have You Seen Her, and Kill For Me. When she’s not writing, she’s practicing for her next karate belt test. Karen resides in Florida with her husband, (an avid fisherman), and her two daughters, (who also like to write).
Eve Wilson was finally emerging out of her dark place after being horribly scarred in a vicious assault. Terrified and ashamed, she escaped into the online realm to cope, and is now helping others to do the same through her psychology graduate program. Moonlighting as a bartender, Eve is constantly in contact with decorated officers who frequent the bar, but one detective has had her interest for a year since he first walked in. When her test subjects begin turning up dead, staged to be suicides, it’s that very homicide detective, Noah Webster, that she turns to. He’s one of the few who believe that these are connected murders, so Eve soon becomes his online guide and learns that the very attractive detective has his own scars that run just as deep. As Noah and Eve hunt down the madman who always appears one step ahead of them, they discover Eve may be his next target. Together, they try to overcome their pasts and learn to trust again, all the while trying to save each other from the danger that lurks closer than they think.
I’m so glad I was sent another of Karen’s books to review. She never disappoints. Flawed, flesh-and-blood characters and power-house endings are always in store from this talented writer. Her understanding of human nature makes for a psychological twist and turn, edge of your seat, romantic suspense that is both chilling and steamy from the get-go. Admittedly, I knew who the killer was half-way through the book, though in no way was I deterred from reading. The secondary characters were a delight and added to the storyline nicely. I don’t know if she has this in mind, but I’d love to see spin-off books on Olivia and David, Callie and Jack, or Tom and Liza. The plot flowed smoothly and the setting was spectacular as well. Bravo!

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer

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