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BIO: Author Caridad Pineiro is a NY Times and USA Today best-selling author of more than twenty novels and novellas in the romance genre. Other titles include: Fury calls, Death Calls, Darkness Calls, Danger Calls, Temptation Calls, Devotion Calls, and Blood Calls. Caridad is also a wife, attorney, and mother. She resides in New York, New York, with her husband and daughter. When she's not writing, Caridad enjoys cooking and traveling, her favorite place being the beach.

Thanks for being here again, Caridad. It’s a pleasure.

#1- Tell us a little about yourself outside of your writing career…
I’m happily married, mom to a great kid and still have my full time job as an attorney in Manhattan. I love meeting new people, traveling, cooking and long strolls along the boardwalk.

#2- This new "Sin" series is a great mix of science, suspense, paranormal, and romance. Can you tell us a little about the series and where the inspiration came from?
I was a science major in college and loved genetics. After graduating, I kept up on what was happening with genetic engineering. I wanted to create a different kind of paranormal suspense story and as I started to play around with ideas I thought,What would be the ultimate genetically modified organism? The answer was simple: A human. One who would develop all kinds of different powers because of the genetic engineering. I added the suspense and romance and the SINS series was born.

#3- Any plans to break into another subgenre of romance or nonfiction?
I’ve written contemporary romance, women’s fiction and straight romantic suspense. I will be doing more romantic suspense in the future and also hope to try my hand at some erotica and young adult fiction.

#4- If you could meet and pick the brain of any famous author, living or dead, who would you choose, why, and what would you ask them?
I think I would love to be able to sit with Nora Roberts. I’d love to ask her how she manages to come up with such great stories and characters. I’d especially love to talk to her about the J.D. Robb series and in particular, about Eve Dallas getting pregnant! I would so love to see that and how Eve and Roarke deal with parenthood in addition to everything else.

#5- You love to cook and travel. What would you consider your signature dish, and where's your favorite place you traveled to?
My signature dish is my Cuban Christmas Eve citrus-marinated roast pork. It is sooo tasty! As for my favorite place to which I’ve traveled – that’s a tough one. I’ve been blessed with being able to travel to so many unique places. If I had to pick one place only, I would probably pick Rome. So amazing and so many things to see. Plus, I love history so that makes it even more special. I’ve set a number of scenes in various books in Rome based on real life places I visited.

#6- Are there any upcoming releases we would like to know about, and could you give us your web site so readers can check it out? Readers can find out more about me at As for upcoming releases, there are a bunch of them! In January 2011 you’ll be able to read Aztec Gold, a vampire novella from Carina Press. In April 2011 the SINS series expands into the SIN HUNTER series with THE LOST. In mid-2011, look for THE FIFTH KINGDOM, a romantic suspense from Carina Press. In January and February 2012, THE CALLING series returns! Yeah! Finally, in mid-2012, THE CLAIMED from the SIN HUNTER series comes out. Whew. Very happy with all that good news!

#7- This about concludes it. Thank you again for joining us. Is there anything else you would like to share? I love hearing from readers, so please drop by! Also, I’m running a number of different contests to celebrate the release of STRONGER THAN SIN, so please drop by to find out how to possibly win a SONY Pocket Edition E-reader and other goodies, as well as a second chance bonus prize of a $25 gift card.

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