Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: A Highlander's Obsession, by Vonnie Davis

Paisley Munro has found meaning in her life by working as a veterinary assistant. Her gift of being able to communicate with animals has felt more like a curse. While traveling to Scotland for a relative’s funeral, Paisley fears that she really has lost her mind.  Creighton Matheson is the clan leader of shape-shifting bears who have been roaming the land freely for centuries. Now Paisley may inherit his home, putting his kind in grave danger. His mistrust only deepens when he realizes she can read his mind. Yet the attraction and pull between them cannot be denied and they must choose what's in their hearts to let go of what's in their heads.

Where to begin? Where. To. Begin… From start to finish, conflict to resolution, this was sheer brilliance. There's the paranormal edge with shape-shifting bears (bears, not wolves--so refreshing) and a heroine who can speak to animals, plus a family castle with ghosts. Then there's the contemporary end with quirky humor and real problems. This wasn't a typical book to lump into one category. The hero and heroine were both relatable and the chemistry was electric. Solid, nail-biting conflict. Scottish Highlands, hot guy in a kilt. Oh yeah. The setting was detailed and put the reader right there. Most impressive was the way the lingo and dialog were delivered. Davis did her research and never pulled me out of the story for a minute. Highly recommended!


Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

I've been on the run all day. What a fabulous thing to come home to!!! I'm so thrilled you enjoyed the book, especially since it was my first attempt at writing paranormal. The characters made it easy...verra easy. Thanks again.

Kelly Moran said...

Very welcome!