Monday, May 19, 2014

Product Review: Arbonne Products

I don't normally review products here on my blog, just books, but I was given a free sample of these and tried them out.

Arbonne is a line of skincare products that are all natural. No Fragrances, No Parabens, No Artificial Colors, No Phtalates, No Mineral Oil or Petroleum, & No SD40 Alchohols. Don't know what those are? They're in most of your skincare products and can increase your risk of cancer. These products are pH correct, contain no animal product/by product and are not tested on animals. They also come with a money back guarantee.

I was given a sample pack of RE9 products including: restorative day cream, toner, corrective eye cream, facial cleanser, renewal serum, day creme, and night repair cream.

DAY CREAM: Was light and smelled light. It didn't leave a greasy feel. Helped with dry skin.
TONER: Was not harsh like most and didn't have a strong scent.
EYE CREAM: Felt like a lotion, and made my skin feel tighter. Did not notice a drastic change in puffiness or wrinkle reduction.
FACIAL CLEANSER: Was most impressive. It lathered well, didn't leave a residue, smelled light and didn't dry my skin.
RENEWAL SERUM: Did not notice any drastic change to skin tone or wrinkle reduction.
RESTORATIVE DAY CREME: Did not notice a drastic change to appearance in wrinkle reduction.
NIGHT REPAIR CREAM: Did not notice a drastic change in wrinkle reduction.

*NOTE* That I only had enough sample product to test for 5 days.

*IMPRESSIONS* I'm most impressed with the facial cleanser ($40), toner ($35) and day cream ($50-which also has an SPF 20) I like that these are all natural, free of chemicals, somewhat reasonably priced (they need minimal amount applied and last a long time), and that they're not tested on animals.

If interested in buying the products, here's the rep I recommend:

If interested in these products, here's a Youtube video tutorial:

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