Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review: Cider Brook, by Carla Neggers

Samantha Bennett just wanted to get in and out of Knights Bridge undetected. But her goal of doing that, and unearthing a three-hundred year old mystery while trying to salvage her good name, is thwarted when she's caught in the cider mill as it goes up in flames. Of course she's also rescued by good-looking Justin Sloan in the process. Now she's finding herself invited to weddings, falling in love with the town, and the center of attention. Justin's the one who alerted her former mentor to her iffy past and got her fired two years ago. So why is there this crazy chemistry between them now? Why is her wanderlust gene suddenly wanting to stay?

Neggers never lets me down. Never. Though this book didn't have the edge of your seat twists I've come to expect, I was nonetheless enthralled by the story. The pirate angle tied together both with satisfaction and sweetness. The secondary characters and setting were outstanding. I also enjoyed the realistic approach between hero and heroine. By not jumping the gun and laying their souls bare, they got to know one another on a gut-deep level that made their journey fun. This is part of the Swift River Valley series, and not to be missed.

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