Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Faking It and Losing It, by Cora Carmack

Cade moved to Philly in the hopes of moving on from what happened his last year of college in Texas. After falling in love with and being rejected by his best friend, he struggles to find work and stay sane. Enter one Mackenzie "Max" and his life is anything but the normal he seeks. Max's very conservative parents just popped in for an impromptu visit, looking to meet this great new boyfriend of hers. In steps Cade to play the part, but is it really acting when the heart becomes involved?
A follow up to Losing It, Faking It is a great take from both Max's and Cade's POV in first-person. For those who read Losing It and felt for poor Cade, well, he gets his. Max is relatable and I rooted for her all the way, even when she needed to be smacked upside the head. Eh, she's young. New Adult genre and all. Cade is a great hero and puts up with more than any other guy would. The back-stories were particularly interesting and this had a good conclusion. It was nice watching these two heal each other and fall in love.

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