Friday, July 19, 2013

Review: Begin Again, by Christy Newton

Two years ago, Maisie Scott lost her husband, unborn child, and will to live in a tornado. Now a small town waitress, she won't let herself get attached to anyone. Until she meets newcomer, Ryan Tucker. The veterinarian for exotic animals wants nothing more than to settle down with the right woman, but the one he wants is as illusive as she is beautiful. Still getting over a broken heart himself, he needs to convince Maisie that love can be found a second time around.  

I wanted to like this more than I did. The concept behind the story was moving and powerful, but there was just no execution. Everything seemed to fit into place just perfect, leaving the conflict implied instead of injected. The plot had too many crazy drops and resolved too nicely in a tidy bow for me to get excited. The heroine was well-illustrated, but the hero had no flaws, making it difficult to get invested. In saying that, I would not hesitate to buy another of this author's books because I like her writing style. This book just didn't seem to reflect that.

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