Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: Hold On My Heart, by Tracy Brogan

When Chicago event planner Libby Hamilton loses her job and her fair-weather boyfriend in the same day, she's forced to move back home where her eccentric father just bought an old schoolhouse he wants to convert into an ice cream parlor. Things begin to look up, though, when widowed restoration specialist Tom Murphy shows up to help. Tom is sexy and quiet and tough, but can Libby break through his exterior and show him love is worth trying again?

I was amazed by how much I loved this book. This was a fabulous mix of hilarity and heart. Tom had me from the first time we saw him, and Libby's internal dialog had me rolling. The setting was sweet, the secondary characters added nicely to the story, and the romance was realistic and hot. Widows are always tough to work in, but Brogan did a great job. I love endings that you can both sigh at and find rationality. A book not to be missed!

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