Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: Down and Out in Beverly Heels, Kathryn Leigh Scott

Former actress Meg Barnes is more than down and out. She's living in her car. Her life's gone from rich and famous to a reality TV show thanks to her con man of a husband. Handsome FBI agent Jack Mitchell thinks he knows a suspect when he sees one, except Meg looks like anything but. He's having a hard time linking this beauty to her husband's epic real estate scams. Determined to prove her innocence, and find her missing soon-to-be ex, Meg goes on one crazy (and dangerous) stunt after another, which just may land her in Hollywood's cemetery instead of on the A list.

The author's résumé is most impressive, being a former actress herself and launching her own publishing company for the entertainment industry. Though I found this book most amusing, quirky, and fun, I have to admit I was a bit let down. Just a bit! This was a women's fiction/chick lit with mild romantic elements. Very mild. So mild in fact I felt like they were added in as an afterthought. The chemistry between Meg and Jack had no build-up or follow through. Now, in saying that, I laughed out loud often while reading, and couldn't wait to find out how this whole crazy scheme unraveled. I was not surprised nor disappointed in the villains. Fast-paced, light-hearted, and very well-researched, this is a recommended read only for chick lit fans.

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