Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review: Baby, Oh Baby, by Robin Wells

Baby, Oh, Baby by Robin Wells

Two years ago, Jake Chastaine had it all. A brilliant law career, wealth, and a beautiful wife. Then it all came crashing down when his parents and wife were killed in a car crash. Just as he's starting to move on, he discovers the fertility clinic he and his wife attended used his sample to get another woman pregnant. Anne Hollister enjoys her peaceful life on an Oklahoma ranch with her daughter. Until a stranger shows up claiming to be Madeline's father and wanting to be a part of her life. Can these two work things out for the better of a little girl? And can both move on from their past to love again?

This was first published in 2001. Wells got her rights back and republished this story with a few modern corrections and additions. If, like me, you enjoy Wells, this is a must read, even if you read the previous addition.

Wells writes with humor and wit, and with such an underlying sadness and reality you just get sucked right in. These two characters were smart and relatable. There was no misunderstanding and they resolved issues like adults. There wasn't a second that went by where I didn't root for them. These two deserved a happy ending. The daughter was adorable, and the secondary characters, Tom and Susannah, added to the story. The setting was detailed and researched. Most notable was this was a very dialog-driven plot that never lagged. Not to be missed.


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Jeff Rivera said...

This seems like a very interesting story, Kelly! I am not familiar with Robin Wells’ work, although “Baby Oh Baby” does sound like an intriguing read! I like the real life, twist of fate dynamics you bring forth in your review and although the story seems a little bit far-fetched, it still seems like it could really happen. The book definitely does present a conundrum of a situation, though; one which should be a great read!
I like that you wrote about the sad undertones presented in a witty, humorous way. I sort of felt the same way about this review. At first, I thought it was going to be about a very sad book, but even though the circumstance that the characters found themselves in were bizarre and somber, the review was enlightening and heartwarming, in a way. I enjoyed the fact that you pointed out how “adult” the characters were about the situation and how their main focus was the well-being of Madeline.
Thanks for a great review!

Jeff Rivera
Bestselling Author