Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review: A Wedding in Apple Grove, CH Admirand

Tomboy, Megan Mulcahy, took over her father's handyman business at the same time she gave up girlish dreams of romance. But when newcomer Daniel Eagan roars into Apple Grove as the new high school football coach, sparks fly. While Dan tries to adjust to small town life, Megan's past comes back to haunt her. It may just take the whole city population to keep these two together.

I've always been a big fan of these small town romances. The townsfolk always seem like a whole secondary character, as does the town itself. In honesty, though this book had a cozy feel to it, I didn't find myself falling in love with Apple Grove or any of the secondary characters. The way Megan and Dan met was cute, but then came a highly unrealistic kiss, and it went downhill from there. There was no build-up, no tease. I think what my issue boils down to is conflict. There wasn't any, and what conflict was presented was weak. He's trying to adjust to a small town, but obviously does right from the start. She's trying to get over a break-up that happened eons ago, and really has by her actions before the hero shows up. There was one misunderstanding after another to carry through.

In saying that, I like the quirk and humor Admirand writes with. And her attention to details on her setting and idiosyncrasies of her characters stand out and grab your attention. I would buy future books by this author in a heartbeat, but the plot/story of this one just didn't do it for me.

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