Monday, October 15, 2012

Review: Can't Buy Me Love, by Molly O'Keefe

3.75 stars
Tara Jean Sweet has had to fight for everything in life. Once from the wrong side of the tracks, she now has a share in a lucrative leather business. To keep it and her job, she has to convince the children of her elderly rancher boss that she's his gold-digging fiancé in the ruse to get them home before he dies. But the boss's son Luc is the new owner of Crooked Creek Ranch, and wants nothing to do with it or her. Being in close proximity is changing their opinions, and their plans.

By the cover, I thought this was going to be a quirky read, but it rang deeper than I perceived. Not without its humor, this is book one with the sequel coming soon. In honesty, I don't have much hope for Luc's sister in book two. I found her irritating and shallow. Luc, however, was typical delicious alpha male, and Tara a strong, independent heroine. The setting and premise for this book was great, as well as the back-story. Not to be missed.

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