Saturday, August 4, 2012

Review: Christie Craig, Don't Mess With Texas

After a dinner with her ex-husband, Nikki Hunt finds herself a prime suspect in his murder when his body is discovered in the trunk of her car. PI, and former cop, Dallas O'Connor, knows she's innocent, just like he was innocent and unjustly sent to prison years before. Now they both have to prove she's not their suspect to lead Detective Tony, who just happens to be none other than Dallas' brother.

This book felt a little misleading by the cover and blurb, making me think this was going to be more quirky and humorous, rather than a drama. I'm not let down at all, I'm just saying. This book did have its share of humor, though. I loved the setting and dialog. The characters were fresh and the romance believable. The secondary characters and their stories were a great add. This is book one in a series, and I can't wait for Tyler and Austin's story. I do feel the conflict resolved itself a tad too quickly, and things easily fit into place, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Craig is a new author for me, and I'll definitely look into future books

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