Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Book Spotlight & Giveaway

Welcome. Today I have with me author Beth Trissel, who's giving away a copy of her latest book, Into the Lion's Heart.

"A brilliant historical romance by Beth Trissel. You can feel her passion in the story, very well written and characters that you can feel. Into the Lion's Heart will take you through a journey of love, and enough surprises to keep you hanging on. If you love a beautiful historical romance you will enjoy this story!"
5 out of 5 stars, Romance Writers Reviews

As the French Revolution rages, the English nobility offer sanctuary to many a refugee. Captain Dalton Evans arrives in Dover to meet a distant cousin, expecting to see a spoiled aristocrat. Instead, he’s conquered by the simplicity of his new charge. And his best friend Thomas Archer isn’t immune to her artless charm, either.
Cecile Beaumont didn’t choose to travel across the Channel. And she certainly didn’t expect that impersonating her own mistress would introduce her to a most mesmerizing man. Now she must play out the masquerade, or risk life, freedom – and her heart.~

Choking on the brine, she thrashed to right herself. Dalton spat saltwater from his mouth and fought to regain his seat while pulling her up with him. Not his most dignified effort. She was the devil to get hold of—kept slipping away. He grabbed her again, only to be knocked back down and rolled with her in the swill on the bottom of the boat.
Damn and blast! Tom and another man hoisted them upright in the prow.
“Thanks,” Dalton grunted, biting his tongue in the presence of a lady. “All right?” he shouted at her, and shifted her securely onto the seat beside him.
“Oui!” she sputtered when she’d recovered her breath.
She shook all over—must be chilled to the bone. They’d be fortunate if she didn’t catch her death, probably bruised too from tossing about in the skiff. The sooner she was safely housed indoors by a toasty hearth, the better.
Keeping an arm around the sodden woman, he peered into a striking pair of charcoal-gray eyes set above a pert nose and framed by fine dark brows.
She parted trembling, bluish lips. “Merci Monsieur—Que Dieu vous bénis—Les saints bénis nous en préservent,” she stammered, thanking, blessing him, and calling on the saints.
Dalton was tempted to call on them himself, but her outpouring took him by surprise.
Not content with acknowledging his aid, she turned to Tom, crouched on her other side, and blurted similar gratitude—nearly incoherent in the tumult raging around them. Tom gave a nod through gritted teeth then bent his head over the boat and heaved the contents of his volatile stomach.
She tilted her head at Dalton, eyes crinkled in sympathy. “Mal de mer,” she said, using the French for seasick.


Kelly Moran said...

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Comment away for Beth...:)

Alison H. said...

Beth, I just love the sound of this story and your writing is beautiful. Congrats!
alsnhendersn at aol dot com

Beth Trissel said...

Thanks so much, Alison.

Darcy Lundeen said...

Wonderful review from Romance Writers Reviews, Beth. And your excerpt really caught the crazy sensations that being in a small boat in the middle of a storm evoke. Excellent writing, and the story sounds terrific, too. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Congradulations on the new release. I don't read period pieces but I would wish you a lot of luck and I hope it sells well for you.

Kelly I love the blog! Your book videos are great. I love the spot lights too.


VampedChik said...

Love the excerpt!!! Sounds like a great read!

Kelly Moran said...

And the winner is, Amber. Grats, you'll get an email soon.

Big thanks to Beth for being here, and come back soon, everyone! XO

Beth Trissel said...

Thanks Kelly and everyone for your kind comments.