Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Spotlight & Giveaway!

Welcome! Today I have with me author Darcy Lundeen, who's giving away a FREE copy of her book, Finding You Again.

Maggie Demarco thought she’d have the perfect wedding…until the groom backed out without even saying goodbye. So she packs a bag and flees to the town where she grew up to heal and prepare for the rest of her life.
Eric Holt is surprised when he learns that Maggie’s back in town. He’s never forgotten the hours he spent in high school introducing her to the joys of sex. Of course, he’s also never forgotten the pain of her rejection. But he’s still willing to help her recapture the sexual mojo she lost waiting for her AWOL groom, and he proposes a no-strings-attached affair to prove how desirable she still is.
Neither expect the unintended consequences, when old hurts resurface, new problems arise, and simple sex threatens to turn into the craziest complication of all: love.

“Goodbye,” she told him, reaching for the door handle on her side.
“Not on your life,” he countered, pulling her hand away and trapping her against the backrest while he yanked at her shoulder harness. “God,” he muttered, shaking his head as he buckled her into it. “You have turned into a major pain in the ass, you know that? Stop squirming while I’m working on this.”
“I’m a pain in the ass?” she said, slapping at his hands. “Mister, have you got that backward. You’re the ass pain. Not that that’s surprising. You were a pain in the ass in high school, too.”
He stopped fiddling with her shoulder harness and looked at her, his voice deepening. “Except for that one night.”
Maggie felt her body heat. He didn’t have to specify which night that was. The night she’d lost her mind, her inhibitions and her virginity to the guy with the dark, dark eyes and the hands that seemed to be everywhere at once: him.
“Right,” she said peevishly. “That night you were a pain all over me.”
He grinned. “And yet I didn’t hear you complaining.”


Kelly Moran said...

*NOTE* Please be sure you are leaving your email addy in your post, or letting me know where to find you, IE: Facebook, Goodreads, Blogger, etc, so we can contact you if you won.

Be sure to re-follow the blog, as I had some blog trouble and lost most of my followers back in March!

Comment away for Darcy...:)

Darcy Lundeen said...

Thanks so much for hosting me and my debut novel, Kelly. I look forward to seeing what your visitors think about the book, so I'll be popping in from time to time throughout the day to read any comments they leave.

Lisa Mason said...

Hi Darcy! From the book excerpt, it looks like a great read! and Thanks again to Kelly for hosting this giveaway.

Darcy Lundeen said...

Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, Lisa. I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt, and you're right. Kelly does deserve mega-thanks. She's a wonderful host.

Kelly Moran said...

always great to hear that i rule. thank you, thank you. lol.

ps, this cover and title are awesome. xo

Darcy Lundeen said...

Kelly, of course you rule! Really glad you like both the cover and title. The cover's the work of Kim Mendoza, who is a terrific artist. The title I happily take credit for. It was a last-minute choice since The Wild Rose Press already had a book with my original title.

Anonymous said...

Book sounds awesome! Added to my wishlist! Thanks for sharing!

Darcy Lundeen said...

Hi, Amber. I'm so happy that you visited Kelly's blog and found the blurb and excerpt awesome. A comment like that really makes my day. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and comment.

lisekimhorton said...

I love it! Rekindling old loves is one of my favorite romance tropes. Everyone had an old flame they can't forget and it makes these stories resonate with everyone. Good luck with Finding Your Again!

Darcy Lundeen said...

Lise, I can't tell you how happy I am that you visited and liked what you read. Lise is the newly elected president of the New York Chapter of RWA. We've never met, but when I sent a message that I'd be here today, she graciously came over to support me. And I really, really appreciate that.

Harlie Reader said...

Congratulations on your debut release. The last line of the excerpt is hilarious. They sound like a great couple.

Marika Weber

Darcy Lundeen said...

Hi, Marika. You're right. Maggie and Eric can really have some interesting conversations and one-liners (at least I think so, but of course I'm prejudiced, having written them). If you'd like to read some more of the dialogue in that excerpt (it involves their highly different memories of what happened the first time they had sex years before), it can be found in a recent posting I made at And thanks so much for stopping by and offering a comment

Katherine said...

Hi Darcy,
Congrats on the release of your debut novel. The blurb and excerpt are excellent. You left me wishing there was more. Finding You Again will definitely have a spot on my TBR list.

Hope you have lots of sales. :o)

Darcy Lundeen said...

Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, Katherine. If you'd like to read more, a longer part of the excerpt that's been posted is on Also if you'd like to read a little more of the book, you can check out the "Inside the Book" function on The prologue, first chapter and part of the second chapter are there. You should be able to access is through this link: Again, thanks so much for visiting.

Kelly Moran said...

And the winner is Marika. Grats, you'll get an email soon.

Big thanks to Darcy for being here, and come back soon everyone. XO

Harlie Reader said...

So cool. Thank you so much Kelly and Darcy. Love it.

Darcy Lundeen said...

Greetings, Kelly. Wouldn't you know it. The last post I made yesterday, I ended up with a mistake. So here's the accurate Amazon URL in case anyone wants to use Amazon's "Inside the Book" feature to read a couple of chapters from the beginning of the book: Thank you again, Kelly, for giving me the opportunity to be here. And another thank you to everyone who visited and was kind enough to comment. And, Marika, the PDF of the book will be on its way to you in a few minutes. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Christina Farley said...

Congrats on your book release! Sounds like a great book.

Nancye said...

So sorry about losing your other blog. I am a GFC Follower. This book sounds great! I'd love to win a copy. Thanks for the chance!

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

teresa said...

Sorry I missed you guys yesterday, but just gone on. Anyway I'm reading Finding you again now. I love, love it! I even qouted the part to my bf about practicing in the second grade! What a funny read! Do you have more???
Good luck Darcy, although you won't need it. This story rocks!

teresa said...

LOL. Should have read, 'just got on' Heehehee..