Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tattooos, Leather & Studs, by Brenda Whiteside, Book Review

by: Brenda Whiteside

Rachael suspects her date, Jason, is a drug dealer, and she’s torn between her attraction for this hot bad boy and running for safety. But a famous rock star vying for her attention and spiked champagne pose far more trouble. On a blind date she’ll never forget, Rachael learns first impressions can lead her down a dangerous path and straight into the arms of love.

This is a short novella, something like 30 pages. Normally these stories aren't my favorite. Just as you are getting into them, they're done. It's also hard to get good characterization in. But Brenda writes an inspiring, humorous tale here riddled with misunderstanding, heat, and the promise for more. Impressive. She's got a knack for laying out all the senses and setting her scene. The details sell it. As we know, it's all about the details. Recommended.

Kelly Moran,
author of SUMMER'S ROAD.

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Jenny Twist said...

Brenda is particularly good at short fiction. I've read a couple of her stories before and they are excellent. This looks really good as well.