Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Book Spotlight & Giveaway

Welcome! Today I have with me author Christina James, who's giving away a FREE copy of her new book, For the Love of a Woman.

When Marly Hampton offers a handsome stranger a meal and a place to sleep, it’s only for the weekend after he breaks down in her small town on the outskirts of the Smoky Mountains. But the mysterious Mitch Allen stirs emotions in her long thought buried. A widowed, single mom raising her son, Marly has no time for romance. Or is that about to change?
Mitch won’t be staying in town any longer than it takes to repair his truck. The former Boston detective has hit the open road to run from painful memories. Falling in love is the last thing on his mind. When he’s accused of murder, Mitch comes out of retirement not only to fight for his reputation but also for the woman who has opened his heart. Can they both face a past that stands in the way of their future before they lose what could be? Or will the evil lurking nearby succeed on destroying them?

“Do you want a shower before dinner?”

Oh, God, the woman was killing him. He strategically placed the cane in front of him to hide the ever increasing bulge in his jeans. He could easily picture her in the shower with him.

“That sounds like heaven. Let me grab my bag. I left it by the door. At least I was smart enough to grab a change of clothes before leaving the truck behind.”

“You would’ve been smarter if you had listened to my dad.”

He sent her a quelling look. Her hands flew up, palms out. “Okay, that was a low blow, but I can’t help it. Your stubbornness has obviously wiped you out, walking around on that bad leg. And don’t try to deny it. Come on. I have an empty apartment over my garage where you can shower.”

He only offered a grunt and turned to follow her into the living room. They passed the seven-foot long flowery couch with two armchairs of the same pattern. There was a decent size television, although it was an older model, and a small stereo system in the room. A few end tables had lamps and pictures on them. Mitch studied the picture of a man in military uniform. Must be her husband.

The woman wasn’t free. Besides, if she were, what the hell would he do with her? He had a bum leg, a fucked up life, and was on the road to nowhere.

So he channeled his thoughts to dinner and sleep. He grabbed the duffel bag and followed her out the front door and down the steps to a large garage. Forcing himself to keep up with her pace even as his knee screamed only added to his misery. She had only given his cane and leg a cursory glance. Either good manners or a lack of curiosity kept her from inquiring about his injury because Marly struck him as the type of woman who wouldn’t think twice about asking what’s wrong.

Hadn’t he hated that from people? Was he disappointed that Marly didn’t bother to ask about his injury? No, that wasn’t it. He was just surprised since every person he had run into after the accident had always asked the inevitable question, “Why do you need a cane at your age?”

A nightmare. That’s why.


Kelly Moran said...

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Be sure to re-follow the blog, as I had some blog trouble and lost most of my followers back in March!

Comment away for Christina...:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kelly for having me as your guest. This is a busy time of the year for everyone but I hope all readers get to enjoy some books over the season. Happy holidays to all!!
Christina James

Lisa Mason said...

It sounds like a great book. Count me in.

Sophie said...

I love the cover. Love free books too. How many other books do you have? I'm a facebook friend, Kelly.

Tammie Paek said...

Kelly, as usual, love your blog. You always have awesome giveaways. Is this still open?

Kelly Moran said...

And the winner is, Lisa. Grats, you'll get an email soon.

Big thanks to Christina for being here, and come back soon everyone. XO