Sunday, March 20, 2011


Review for:
The Suspect, by D.L. Hatton
Publisher: LULU Corp.

In the book, The Suspect, by D.L. Hatton, I found a few grammatical errors, such as commas needed or a misspelling. Overall, there were few, and did not deter me from reading, or take away from the storyline.
At times, I found the characters one dimensional, and the plot robotic. This, I believe, is due in part to the author telling the story, and not letting the characters do it for him. This is a common occurrence in authors who are just beginning their career, and usually corrects itself as the writer becomes more comfortable with the aspect.
I found the first half of the book did not seem to set up the latter part, or flow well. I think it may have benefited more if the author led up to the climax, instead of throwing it in, almost as an afterthought.
The back text synopsis, I feel, does not draw readers to the book. I think the characters should be mentioned, with a teaser of the plot, as well as the Supreme Court ruling he has listed. The cover art, which to my understanding the author’s daughter did, was excellent.
In saying that, it is apparent that the author, D.L. Hatton is a born romantic. The readers could learn something from the book, and take away with them the often injustice of the world. The idea behind the book was superb, and with some editing and tweaking, I think could succeed. I hope to see more titles from him in the future.

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer

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