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Silver Screen Heroes, by Ilona Fridl
ISBN: 1601545096
Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Author Ilona Fridl was born in West Hollywood where she developed a love for the movie industry, especially silent movies. Though she has sold short stories to magazines, she always dreamed of publishing a novel. Silver Screen Heroes is her first book. Ilona now resides in Wisconsin with her family.

Adeline Garcia hasn't had it easy in life. After her parents died in the great earthquake, she grew up under her uncle's strict household. When she meets Zeke Shafer, a director's assistant, Addy finally begins to find comfort. But when her job as a stunt double for a snobbish actress turns into the role of a lifetime, Addy wonders if she can handle all the drama. To add fuel to the fire, her cousin, Muriel, has gotten herself mixed up in a crime family. A crime family who now has a share in the studio where she and Zeke work. With the police wanting justice, can Addy and Zeke help bring down these gangers and live to tell the tale?

This is Book One in the Dangerous Times series, set in the roaring twenties.

This book is very plot driven, versus character driven, so at times it can make it hard to feel for the hero and heroine, as there is a lot going on in the book in such a short timeframe. The author tended to be a bit repetitive also, which I found most present in the dialog.

In saying that, a lot of research went into writing this, and you can tell the author did her homework. You really get a feel for the time and place, not to mention way of life in the twenties. This is especially true when the characters are on set, or when the mafia is mentioned. Also mentionable is the family saga portrayed nicely. I don't usually comment on cover art, but this cover was phenomenal and worth mentioning.

Kelly Moran,
author of SUMMER'S ROAD and

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