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Relocating Mia, by Rebecca Lerwill
ISBN: 9781933538877, Publisher: Bridgeway Books

I am pretty impressed with Relocating Mia, by Rebecca Lerwill. Born and raised in Germany, Rebecca Lerwill moved to the United States in 1995 and has lived in California and the Midwest. Now residing in Utah, she spends her time with her horses, writing, and traveling the US with her husband, who is a professional rodeo entertainer. Relocating Mia is her first title and it is a Best Books award finalist from USA Book News.
Mia Trentino was top in her field as a relocation specialist at her company, Worldmove, Inc. Pretty satisfied with her life after a rocky divorce, Mia finds her next assignment in Siberia, Russia a bit troublesome, but not nearly as much so as her new and unexpected partner, Douglas Farland. What starts as a simple assignment, turns into a full string of mafia connections, murder, secret agents, drug smuggling, and an unwanted attraction to the man and partner who seems the most to blame. As the secrets and lies surface, Mia must trust her instincts, and Douglas, if she wants to make it out alive.
I only have a couple of criticisms for the book. There are a few grammatical errors. There were quite a few instances where after dialog from another character was introduced another paragraph wasn’t started, making it difficult to tell who was speaking. Other than that, there were a couple comma errors. Also, at times it is necessary to say he/she instead of using names. Overuse of names can draw a reader out of the book and remind them that they are characters. While caught up in the moment I was pulled from it by Mia did, or Douglas did, etc.
In saying that, I found Relocating Mia to be a fast-paced pleasure read. There weren’t many dead spots, as there always seems to be something going on. I didn’t find myself disinterested at any time. The setting was especially appealing, as we were able to learn about Russian food and customs without realizing it. It also lays out a great backdrop and history, too. The romantic element wasn’t overdone, which I found gratifying, and the climax was laid out well. The characters were attractive and believable. I also liked that we were able to get into the minds of the so-called bad guys, and not just the main characters. It made for a far more remarkable scenario throughout. Relocating Mia captured my attention right from the first page, and held on until the satisfying end.

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer

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