Sunday, March 20, 2011


Review For:
The Rabbit and the Snowman, by Sally O. Lee
ISBN: 9781419656255 Publisher: BookSurge

I found The Rabbit and the Snowman, by Sally O. Lee enchanting. The author states on her site, that after many years of painting and drawing, she tried her hand at children’s books. She now has eighteen children’s books and two novellas that can be ordered in hardcover or paperback.
On one wintry day a group of children built a snowman in an isolated field. Just as he’s beginning to feel alone, he encounters a rabbit. They swiftly become friends until spring comes and the rabbit cannot find the snowman. He waits patiently for winter to come again and find his dear friend, the snowman.
I have a few minor criticisms. First, the book I had for review was a very large 8x 11 version, and I think a smaller book would be better. There is also no synopsis on the back, it is on the copyright page. This will not draw people to it. There were a few missing commas which led me to have to reread certain sentences twice to grasp meaning. And lastly, at the end of the book the snowman reappears with no explanation. For adults we, of course, know why but children may need a sentence to explain.
In saying that, this was a delightful and beautifully crafted book. The illustrations were whimsical and eye catching. The story was that of friendship and love, to which you can never go wrong, in my opinion. Children can not only learn about true friendship, but of season changes and all that endures. The Rabbit and the Snowman is sure to bring a smile to your face and warmth in your heart.

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer

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