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Promiscuous, by R. Moreen Clarke
ISBN: 9780758216816, Publisher: Aphrodesia Kensington

Overall, I found Promiscuous, by R. Moreen Clarke surprising. R. Moreen Clarke lives in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Her debut book, Quench My Thirst, gained her a spotlight as a featured author in BET Dallas, Sisters in Spirit Book Club, and Book Lovers Haven.
Shy and reserved, Connie Jefferson is the good rich girl. Though she finds her boyfriend, Victor stimulating, she’s having a difficult time forgetting the chance encounter with an old friend. Deandra Morgan has an insatiable appetite for the richer side of life. As a wild teen she was shunned by Connie and her friends for not being as wealthy and posh. But now she’s dating Marshall James, a wealthy real estate developer, and everything she desires is within reach. Marshall, at first, was drawn to Deandra, but after finding Connie again he wasn’t so sure. However, Deandra isn’t giving up that easily to Connie, not again, and she’ll do anything to win.
First, let me point out that this is an erotic romance and not intended for the faint of heart. It is a sexually explicit book.
I found quite a few comma errors which caused me to have to reread a sentence several times to grasp the point. Also, there were several times throughout the book where paragraphs needed to be broken up, and a new one begun. It was difficult to determine whose mind we were in at the time. The beginning of the book, or chapter one, I found to be distasteful. It began with a slumber party of sixteen year olds engaging in sexual gratification exercises. It was inappropriate, to say the least. As with most erotic romances, I found all the sex to be a tad redundant after awhile.
In saying that, I was pleasantly surprised to find this book had an interesting plot and good, strong characters. Typically in erotic romance you are hard-pressed to find a plot, and the characters are one-dimensional. Cue the cheesy music… This was not the case with Promiscuous, By R. Moreen Clarke. All of the characters, even the secondary ones, were believable and interesting. You felt their pain, frustration, and desperation. The plot flowed very well and there weren’t many, if any, dead spots. There always seemed to be something happening, which flowed nicely into another segment. And, of course, the sexual encounters were stimulating and titillating. After the success of her first book, I see this one taking off, too. R. Moreen Clarke has a good career ahead of her in this genre.

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer

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