Sunday, March 20, 2011


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The Next Best Thing, by Kristan Higgins
ISBN: 9780373774388
Publisher: HQN

Author Kristan Higgins is an award-winning author of several published books in the romance genre. Other titles include: Too Good To be True, Just One Of The Guys, Catch Of The Day, and Fools Rush In. She resides in Connecticut with her firefighter husband and two children.

Lucy Lang has been a young widow long enough. Finally feeling like it's time to settle down again and remarry, she says goodbye to her 'friend with benefits', Ethan Mirabelli, and hello to the dating scene. Except finding the right guy for her isn't as easy as she thought. After all, all she wanted was a nice guy with whom she could have kids and not form a deep attachment to. A broken heart once was enough. But much to her dismay and delight, Ethan isn't going anywhere, and Lucy knows he's the one man who could break her heart again. And this time, she may not recover.

First person point of view typically isn't my first choice, but this is a perfect example of what stellar writing is about. If you haven't laughed, cried, and sighed with contentment a hundred times while reading this, then there's something wrong with you. The hero and heroine are relatable, and the secondary characters are memorable. From the setting to the story-line, this is impossible to put down. Bravo. Recommended.

Kelly Moran,

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