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Mourning Meadow, by Larion Wills
ISBN: 9781934041161, Publisher: Swimming Kangaroo Books

After reading the book Mourning Meadow, by Larion Wills, I am, overall, impressed. Larion Wills, a pseudonym for Larriane Wills writes in the romantic fiction and sci-fi genres. She has books in print and ebooks.
This book is a work of romantic suspense with a ghost story thrown in. It centers around four main characters; Kari, Steven, Caroleigh, and Edward. Steven, with ulterior motives came to the Meadow to see the grand mansion and its estate. He found Kari, a remote and reclusive woman with secrets she wasn’t ready to reveal. Her sister, Caroleigh, at first a rather wicked woman and a bit of a snob is masking her true feelings as a defense mechanism. Edward, the English jokester and friend of Caroleigh is caught in the middle and just trying to survive the weekend. These four people, of which don’t even appear to like each other are swiftly thrown into a murder mystery. They need to get past their differences to find out who exactly it is that wants them dead and why, or no one will be leaving the Meadow. Amongst the chaos there is a budding love attraction between Steven and Kari, as well as Edward and Caroleigh.
While reading this book I found a few misspellings and minor grammatical errors. With the rich family history it was a bit overwhelming trying to keep the deceased characters straight. At times, the dialog can be difficult to follow, and I often had to reread a sentence to be sure I understood what the author was trying to get across. It could use a little editing.
In saying that, I found the book to be a good read. There were no dead spots and I didn’t find myself at any time disinterested. The characters were believable and endearing. The plot flowed well, so much so that every time an incident was over another was thrown at you. What I liked most about the book was the romance element didn’t overuse gushy verses or overdo scenarios to where you felt like skimming through them. The segments of action and mystery, the character development, along with the writers unique writing style only adds to the emotions you feel while reading. I, at no time, felt the book was predictable. Even after finishing the book you almost feel there is still mystery left, and leaves you guessing.
I look forward to reading more books from her in the future.

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer

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