Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review--THE MIST

Review For:
The Mist, by Carla Neggers
ISBN: 9780778326243
Publisher: Mira Books

Carla Neggers is the NY Times best-selling author of dozens of books, including: The Widow, The Angel, Abandon, Cold Ridge, The Rapids, Breakwater, Dark Sky, and Cold Pursuit. She resides in New England with her family.

A year ago, Lizzie Rush uncovered evidence that thrill-seeking billionaire Norman Estabrook was at the center of an international crime network. After secretly feeding information to the FBI, Norman was finally put behind bars. Except now he cut a deal and has disappeared. Lizzie knows that Norman is hell-bent on exacting revenge on those responsible for his arrest, and he will stop at nothing to do just that. The FBI’s director has gone missing after an attack across the ocean, and a bomb meant to kill witnesses has left one man in the hospital and others into hiding. The only person who can help Lizzie now is intelligence officer Will Davenport, a man who lives by his own code and answers to no one.

If you’ve read any of Carla’s other books, you’ll recognize some of the secondary characters in this book from previous ones, and her fans won’t be let down by this one. Though this is a book continuing a story, all of these stand alone as their own novels. It is so very easy to see why Carla Neggers has captured romance readers and has become a household name. With a perfect blend of romance and suspense, she creates new and realistic characters to care about in every story. With edge-of –your-seat suspense to keep you glued, you’ll take a grand adventure from Ireland to the Eastern U.S. coast in Boston. The antagonist in this book was quite different than your typical one, which is what stood out to me, because he was just this spoiled man who wanted his way, not a devious, ruthless killer. Carla has a phenomenal way of describing and laying out the scene for you that you feel right there with her. She’s also an author who veers from steamy sex scenes, letting the romance or suspense propel her. Highly recommended.

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