Sunday, March 20, 2011


Review for:
Lucky Man, by Ben Tanzer
ISBN: 9780976969013, Publisher Manx Media

In this book, Lucky Man, by Ben Tanzer, I found many grammatical errors, such as commas needed in several places and words missing to complete phrases, such as the/and/a. I found misspellings and words used out of context, such as their/there, and anyways/ any way. For a finished and published work, I am very disappointed with the proofreading and editing on the publishing company’s behalf. At times the language can be abusive, but given the situation and the characters I don’t feel it takes away from the story. In my opinion, the dialog between characters can be confusing in the way it was written, but did not deter me from reading.
In saying that, I found this book very compelling. Written in the first person point of view, from four different sources is not an easy task to pull off successfully. The characters were believable, and the plot intriguing. Ben Tanzer brings the hardships of four young men into your mind and tugs the heartstrings with each trial of their young lives. Reading it made me feel as if I was delving into a forbidden diary, and brought me closer to the characters. It certainly changes your thinking of an ordinary telephone ring. In retrospect, the ending was superb and had a twist, that even though the author worked up to, I did not see coming. For a debut novel, I am, overall, impressed.

Kelly Moran
Author and Reviewer

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