Sunday, March 20, 2011


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How to Score, by Robin Wells
ISBN: 9780446618427
Publisher: Forever (Hachette Book Group)

Author Robin Wells is an accomplished romance author, having written over a dozen titles for Harlequin and won the National Readers' Choice Award for her title, Baby, Oh Baby. She has also won the prestigious National Golden Heart Award from the Romance Writers of America, and her novels have been translated into more than a dozen languages. Before writing romance she was an advertising and public relations executive. Other titles include: Wild About You, Between the Sheets, Ooh La La, Babe Magnet, Plain Jane Gets Her Man, The Wedding Kiss, The Executive’s Baby, and Nine to Five Bride. She resides just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana with her husband and two daughters.
When his brother Luke goes into the witness protection program, FBI Special Agent Chase Jones agrees to take on his brother’s life coach clients until he returns. Not al all thrilled with the idea, Chase listens and advises Luke’s whiny and pathetic clients. But then, Sammi calls. Chase finds the phone only rule out the window when Sammi’s sexy voice raises his body temp through the lines. Museum curator Sammi Matthews has decided she is in dire need of help. After giving one date a black eye and cracking another’s ribs, Sammi calls upon the life coach for guidance, before she kills the next man! The phone sessions work, because soon she meets an FBI agent who seems to be everything she’s ever desired. With “Luke” coaching her by day, and “Chase” dating her by night, this crazy combination is doomed to blow up in his face. But…how does Chase tell Sammi the truth without back-tracking all her progress, breaking all his bones, and worse yet, breaking her heart?
Following along the lines of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Maid in Manhattan, this book would make an excellent film. From cover to cover you are completely engrossed in the characters and the wild scheme behind their meeting. The plot flowed smoothly and was well paced. The characters were relatable and endearing. I liked the sub-plot between Horace, Arlene, and Walter, too! What a phenomenal and memorable ending, as well. You won’t be disappointed. I’m fully blaming Robin Wells for my dark circles, as I stayed up late two nights in a row reading this. Not that I’m complaining, (smile).
How to Score will have you laughing out loud, forgoing your outside life to pursue reading, and rekindling your love of romance again.

Kelly Moran
Author and Reviewer

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